Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekly Challenge being added to Technique Junkies Blog

Beth Norman and I have been doing a one on one challenge with each other the past few weeks.  We have decided to start using some of the "older techniques" and  Pat Huntoon has picked up on this weekly challenge of ours.  She is making a great offer for non members or members that don't have the older newsletters:    I'm going to direct quote what Pat has said on her blog (I don't want to make any errors it this)

  "Starting this week, we will be posting the "Try That Technique" challenge to this blog, and asking you to post your creation to the Technique Junkie egroup. This is just for fun...stretch yourself, and remind yourself about all those great techniques from the past!

Don't have the issue in question? No worries! Every time we post a challenge, I will put the issues from the year it comes from on sale for HALF PRICE!* That is right! Instead of $18.00, you will be able to purchase the entire year that the technique is from for only $9.00 (plus actual postage). That way, EVERYONE can play!"
Check out Pat's blog at   and be sure to come back to my blog each Wednesday to see what the weekly challenge will be.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you all again soon.


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