Sunday, November 15, 2009

some more cards from today.......

These are the cards I made today.  Was visiting with my neighbor and she stated that she needed a Sympathy card, so I made this and she bought it:

And these are some that I'm using for Birthday cards to send to people I know and then will make more for the Craft Sale


More cards.........................

Here are some more cards.  I also just participated in an ATC -(Artist Trading Card) and a Twinchie (2x2 inch piece of artwork - can be used on cards, etc).  I am including some of those also.  This is the Artist Trading Card:

and these are the Twinchies I sent in for a swap


Cards I've Been Making in the last few days.

The RV Park is Having a Craft Sale and Bake Sale the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I signed up for a table and a friend of mine that lives in Mesa is also going to be giving me some of her artwork and quilted projects for the table.  I've been making up several types of cards.  These are a few, and I'll post more as I get them made this week while I'm not having to go to work.